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Source: Robert Alexander / Getty

Vegetarians and V-curious folks gather around!

It seems like we have another win on our hands with the announcement of the White Castle Impossible Burger.

That’s right, a meatless burger is finally being tested at the major burger chain.

The Impossible Burger is made out of wheat (sorry gluten-free folks), potatoes, coconut oil, and heme — the special ingredient that makes it juicy, irony, and taste like meat burgers. The “bleeding burger” will also come on a square bun with smoked cheddar (sorry vegan folks), pickles, and onions.

Don’t expect any off-the-wall price either. Each slider will only cost $1.99 each and they’re making a test run at locations in New York, New Jersey and Chicago. If the Impossible Burgers are a hit, then they’ll expand to other states.

If you’re here for the meatless patty, make sure you save up your coins (literally) and give it a try, so the movement can continue!