The world eventually received 'T.L.O.P.,' but according to Chance's Snapchat, there's an alternate version of "Waves" floating around.

Kanye West has made the most out of his newfound obsession with Twitter, and his most recent wave of tweets are about changing his album title (yes, again) to T.L.O.P.

It's almost here. Kanye West will premiere his new album Waves and Yeezy Season 3 line simultaneously on February 11.

Andre wound up in a car with a random girl who lived in the vicinity and after talking for a while, he invited her to the studio - where Kanye, French Montana, Puff Daddy, Kid Cudi, and 2 Chainz were all hanging out and working.

Kanye West‘s spur of the moment Twitter rant the other day did leave some with a bad taste in their mouths. But judging by the photo above that has gone viral, the rapper did reveal a couple of truths during his spat with Wiz: Ye’ called on some heavy hitters to put the finishing touches […]

Following his epic Twitter rant towards Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose, Kanye West was spotted at LAX sporting the invitation jacket for Yeezy Season 3.

Miguel reveals an exclusive preview of his new video “Waves,” off of his latest album Wildheart. The “Waves” teaser clip starts off with the California singer swimming in pool filled with women. Soon after, viewers are taken into a psychedelic nightclub trip, where Miguel is surrounded by aroused women. As expected, he woos the crowd and they just […]