The dialogue continues….. What’s the most awkward place you’ve had sex?   Did it enhance OR take away from your climax?   Don’t be shy…

Battle of the Sexes Question:   Women send me your most interesting stories on how YOU caught YOUR man cheating…

What’s the FREAKEST sexual request you’ve ever received from your partner?   Did you honor it?

Women: when r u satisfied with a ‘quickie’ as opposed to a full night of passionate sex?   Why?

Battle of the Sexes Q: Guys do you prefer your women shaved (if so how…Brazilian?) or do you really not care?

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Women who find themselves at odds and/or competing with their man’s mother, what is the real issue?

Q:          Is it true that women are so good at contracting thier vaginal muscles that they can trick men in2 believing they r virgins?           BATTLE OF THE SEXES ALBUM COMING SOON!! 

Q of the day:       If u could take back a time you regretted sleeping with someone  who would it be and why did u regret it?