Fashion has no bounds. And Beyoncé is proving this 100 percent with the new model chosen to rep her merchandise campaign.

Nicki Minaj was offered an olive branch after a video clip of her joking around with some friends offended the wheelchair community.


The mother of McDole was charged with second-degree burglary, terroristic threatening, third-degree assault, and third-degree conspiracy.


A standoff between a wheelchair-bound man and Delaware police officers ended tragically when the disabled man was shot to death.

On yesterday’s episode of The Price Is Right, things got a little awkward when a woman who has no legs and uses a wheelchair to get around won a treadmill. Danielle Perez, who is a comedian, played it off as best she could, as her two prizes – a sauna and the treadmill – were […]

A 14-year-old girl is now living life in a wheelchair with severe brain damage after a 16-year-old teen, who is now in jail, raped and beat her. According to the Daily Mail, the boy, who isn’t being named, “pounced on the girl” as she was walking through a park, and beat her so badly that […]