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Wiz Khalifa has been on the tip of everybody’s tongue this year thanks to his emotional tribute record to Paul Walker. After crafting “See You Again” for the Furious 7 soundtrack, he instantly nabbed himself a number one record. Following that feat, his success segued over to YouTube. The Charlie Puth-assisted hook has officially cracked the one BILLION […]


Former YouTube pimp, Donald Clifton “D’Nero Armani” Allen Jr., could face up to 30 years in federal prison if convicted on charges of child pornography and sexual abuse.

Tyga‘s “Master Suite” music video takes people out of the streets and into the palace. The 25-year-old rapper, who’s recently been hounded by the media in regards to his GF Kylie Jenner and an alleged relationship with a transgender actress, gives viewers an inside look at his all-white-everything crib in the Hills in his newest music video on YouTube. […]

It’s safe to say “Freedom” has reached a whole new level. Pharrell is just one of many artists who hopped on board the Apple Music train, offering hip-hop lovers across the country a brand new music platform to get what’s new and what’s hot. The 42-year-old artist officially showcased his brand new business endeavor with the release of a new music […]

Barack Obama made his last appearance ever on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart last night, and we’ve never seen the president so distraught. Jon Stewart got straight to it, telling the audience, “no one’s interested in my bullsh*t tonight,” introducing the president himself. He joked with Obama about having “senioritis,” considering he’s got only about a […]

Watching Amy Schumer on camera is a similar experience to watching a sex scene in the same room as your boyfriend’s mom. Slightly uncomfortable, definitely weird, but honestly…pretty f*cking hilarious. Everybody’s obsessing over her. She’s not a twig and she doesn’t care. She doesn’t have a filter and she doesn’t care. She defines the purest […]

Once again, Young Thug proves he’s worth listening to. The 22-year-old rapper has been tossing out tracks for fans all over the web, and now he’s releasing videos to up the ante. The Rich Gang emcee just dropped the visuals to “With That,” an oldie from his Barter 6 tape. You might think within the first 10 seconds of […]

We’ve all heard that Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian are calling it quits. Paparazzi recently caught Disick and his ex-girlfriend Chloe Bartoli snuggling up together at a beach in Monte Carlo. The series of photos also included a shot of the two sharing a meal together, where Disick is resting his arm on Bartoli’s back. A source […]

We all have one reason or another behind our love for Ed Sheeran. It could be derived from a deep appreciation for Sheeran’s Ron Weasley-esque facial features, his unforgettable performance with Elton John at the Grammys, or his ability to casually sell out Madison Square Garden in three minutes. But if you’re a true Ed Sheeran fan, odds are you’re […]

How exciting would it be if Beyonce co-signed your talent as a musician? For three teenage singers, that dream has just become reality, as Blue Ivy‘s superstar mama just signed them to deals totaling $1.5 million. We guess Queen Bey is ready for a successor! According to Page Six: The first contract covers LA-based sisters […]

BET is bringing back ‘Punk’d’ — New York Magazine (@NYMag) April 24, 2015 It looks like fans of the hit celebrity prank show Punk’d are going to get some nostalgia, as the show is being revamped by BET. The network made the announcement of the upcoming revamped series at their upfront presentations this […]