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Source: Victoria McGraw @victoriasaidit / Urban One

YouTube Music partners with Grammy award-winning artist, entrepreneur and philanthropist Megan Thee Stallion for its latest edition of YouTube’s Artist Spotlight Stories. The spotlight is live on her official YouTube channel.

Megan Thee Stallion: Artist Spotlight Stories is a skit that showcases the rapper’s fun and playful personalities through a variety of her alter egos – Tina Snow, Suga and Hot Girl Meg. The sketch takes place inside the mind of Megan, portraying several scenarios from the rapper’s unapologetically confident, daily way of living. The film follows Megan’s acclaimed mixtape, Something for Thee Hotties: From Thee Archives.

The skit opens with a comical examination from Megan and her alter egos of whether a male encounter on the street is a worthy companion for the musician. The trio of personalities quickly shut down the thought, focusing on Tina Snow’s main goal: finishing the album.

The lyrics to popular songs like “Eat It” and other tracks from the project fill the pages of Tina’s notebook. Suga, Hot Girl Meg and Megan superfans celebrate by imitating the Houston hottie’s signature hot girl dance. The film is concluded with Megan off to sleep and the three alter ego hotties watching a dream movie presented by Tina Snow. As the credits roll, fans can enjoy a series of entertaining blooper scenes, giving them an inside look into the entertaining world of Megan Thee Stallion.

The rapper has been in the news lately for a response to last year’s shooting involving rapper, Tory Lanez. While it’s not the most positive news, Megan has has been shining through her recent philanthropic venture, Pete and Thomas Foundation, and several new content series across platforms including her latest with YouTube’s Artist Spotlight Stories.

Check out Megan Thee Stallion’s creative spotlight story below.