Washington dishes on why he decided to film during the pandemic, whether or not he relates to his character, Malcolm, and more. He also addresses the criticism regarding his and Zendaya's age difference.

Netflix announced the film, starring Zendaya and John David Washington, back in November.

Head inside to see what the Emmy-winning actress had to say about filming 'Malcolm & Marie.'

Netflix announces release date for Euphoria creator Sam Levinson's new cinematic romance drama Malcolm & Marie starring Zendaya and John David Washington premiering on February 5, 2021. The film tells a Hollywood story of a director, played by Washington, and his girlfriend, played by Zendaya, whose relationship is tested after returning home from the premiere of his latest project. 

The 'Euphoria' actress was so excited to accept her award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series. Head inside for a recap of the history-making moment.

Head inside to watch the Emmy-nominated actress speak on what may be next for the hit HBO series.

The character of young Nikki was played by Ambrosia Kelley, whom Fox said she would love to work with on the film. But in the event that Tarantino is looking to cast a bigger name, Vivica said that Zendaya would be the perfect choice.

Tom and Zendaya expect fans to chatter about "The obvious things"

I didn’t know if Zendaya had it in her, but she absolutely and undoubtedly made me a believer.