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With my project unveiled The Gray Area experience, I started asking folks on twitter what their interpretation of the gray area is and my single ‘Legalize Me’.

Well, an overwhelming amount of females relate it to relationships–being in that in between stage, ‘what are we anyway’ stage.

Others take it as ‘let’s make it official’ ‘put a ring on it’ as Beyonce would say.

Taking it to the male point of view, I’m sure a lot of yall are feeling some type of way since our man Tiger Woods (who’s chosen to keep himself in ‘the gray area’ racially, but we still claim him) has been put on front street. Who’s in the wrong?

The many females he kept on the side, maybe hoping they’d get him to eventually make it official, but now are coming out for their 15 mins and a payday, or Tiger who ‘legalized’ his wife but hung out in ‘the gray area’ with the others?

I love this conversation…I’ve been having the same debate for 2 weeks and it never gets old lol.

Talk amongst yourselves and let me know what conclusions you come to. And while you’re at it, enter ‘The Gray Area’ Experience and download my single ‘Legalize Me’ available on itunes and all online music stores now!



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