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I am very disappointed where B.E.T is going It has not been the same since Debra Lee stepped in to run it. I think all these reality shows are unnecessary I want to know why B.E.T is showcasing shows like Frankie and Neffie when all they do is yell and fight about nothing it’s sad that this is what America wants to see from a black TV shows. But I feel like this is what you give America so this is what they take. In the time slots where you have Frankie and Neffie you could have something more positive in that shows place. B.E.T use to be a music channel now I don’t know what It is now why your busy making Frankie and Neffie stars you could be promoting music artist and playing there videos because that’s really what allot of your audience wants. If you going not really allot black artist on your channel why even have a B.E.T awards. I just think B.E.T needs to get it together and go back to the music. How do you feel about B.E.T do you think it change for the better? Or do you think it’s a mess? Let me no.