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Another week in fashion has ended as I am awaken by the Saturday sun. I have been thinking of ways to give you guys a weekly countdown that is fun, informative and a true representation of the week. We at GG strive hard to bring you the best in fashion on a mainstream and contemporary level. Thus ‘SPOTTED‘ was born, less than five minutes ago in my head.

One of my favorite things to do in my free time is to flip through magazines and search our Gossip and Entertainment section and try to identify the brands that featured celebrities are wearing. Upon my accurate detection of which fashion house designed the garb, I feel proud, as if I have pleased the fashion God’s.

So, in ‘SPOTTED,’ we will take red carpet and candid looks at what celebrities are wearing and bring them directly to you! Then before we know it, you all will be fashion mavens as well, able to identify stitching, trends, and silhouettes belonging to specific houses! At the photo call in Germany for the Twilight Saga, Kristen Stewart, or K-Stew as she is known affectionately by Twilight’s legions of fans wore an amazing Versace Fall 2010 dress.


On set of a photo shoot, Katy Perry was covered in Cherries compliments of Moschino!


Zoe Saldana was at Expo in and wore Isabel Marant!

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