Alexander Wang's new campaign for his spring/summer 2016 is nothing short of star filled.

        New Jersey Housewife Melissa Gorga is shutting down rumors that she used to be a stripper before her days as a glamorous housewife. The initial report came out on The Huffington Post and claimed that Melissa was set up during an episode of Real Housewives during which her former boss from “the strip club […]

Ashley Greene is certainly keeping her body in shape, looking at the pics you can tell that the ‘Twilight’ is already gearing up for the new adventure. Spotted out at the gym in Studio City, CA, Greene was heading to her whip when the paps started their flash attack. Greene has been toning up for the ‘The […]

The summer heat started early this year, and so did the great summer blockbusters! Many of the movies released this summer were some of the most anticipated blockbusters for the year. The movies ranged from sequels of past hit films to re-makes of some classics. With the summer coming to an end faster than we’d […]

With a controversial role in the upcoming film “On the Road,” it seems as if Kristen Stewart is trying to send the world a message. According to Life & Style, the “Twilight” star plays the role of Marylou, a 16-year-old girl who ‘has a threesome with a couple of hotties, asks to watch two people […]


Cee-Lo Green has just released a new video for his track from the Twilight: Eclipse soundtrack (and the song played during the ending credits for you die hard Twilight fans), ‘What Part of Forever?‘ which was produced by Rob Kleiner. The Western themed video features Cee-Lo in just a tank top, jeans a few chains around the […]

Twilight Star Taylor Lautner was spotted on the set of his new movie Abduction, filming in Pennsyvania. Even though he wasn’t playing his werewolf charater Jacob, he was still walking around the set shirtless….

Twilight star, Ashley Greene, was snapped by the paparazzi walking the streets of NYC yesterday, June 7, in 100 degree weather. By look of things, it got a little breezy during her walk which is both good for Ashley and us as she got to cool off, and we got to see her shirt blow […]

The “Twilight: Eclipse” queen, Ashley Greene is looking fierce as ever on the cover of ASOS magazine. Greene’s six page spread plus cover shot hits newsstands today (July 2). Lately, the actress has become a fashionista in  disguised covering the hottest magazines from the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue to body paint poses for SoBe ads. […]

Bite me!  To bite or lust…that is the question…until the next moon! Eclipse – 3 howls by Jennice Fuentes Can we all get along???  Really, must there always be this conflict between the Volturi  and other less connected vampires,  the pack of wolves and the Cullens, the Newborns and the older folks, Edward  and Victoria, […]


The third installment of the Twilight series, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, hits theaters at midnight tonight, June 30, and diehard fans are already lined up, determined to witness the movie’s first screenings. Fans who know every detail of the saga have already been waiting in line for days just to make sure they don’t miss […]

When Edward says ‘You are my life now’ and Jacob’s sculpted-in-chrome body bursts into ferocious canine form, all a woman can say is ‘I’d rather die than stay away from you’.  The countdown begins.  June 30th, when Twilight Eclipse hits the theaters hormonal tweens, vampire fanatics, even middle aged mothers will be going wild for […]