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Greetings Global Grinders, the adventures have begun again…

Sorry fellas, you may not like this one but men can be on some bullshit.  Is it ego, self-gratification, low self-esteem or just dumb but why do men try to cheat or do some questionable shit and think it’s cool or that women won’t notice?

Ok, so I met this nice guy during a work function and we begin to communicate. The conversations were great – from texts to bbm to consistent phone talks; we even went out a few times.  I kept it breezy and totally pushed the friend angle, sprinkled with a dash of interest. Any time I invited him somewhere he was there and he states ‘I feel very comfortable with you’, which I thought was great.


I asked to come by his place recently (which I’ve visited once prior) and I couldn’t get a direct answer… It was “always”, “let’s go out – not to my place” (1st red flag aka sign of bullsh*t) or can we link after a particular time (and it was “always” the same time). I attempted the subtle approach, not the un-trusting and scarred women approach, and I said “damn, you are some kind of mysterious”.  He tries to be clever and say ‘some women would say, intriguing’ and I reply ‘intriguing, mysterious, however you want to call it;  translates into bullsh*t & lies because all the pertinent cards aren’t on the table’ and of course I followed it with a slight laugh because clearly I have been here before.

I am not the one to ignore signs or lack observation… Do I listen to my better judgment immediately, no – of course not because I try to give all men the benefit of the doubt – hell, I allow them to hang themselves.

Ok, so Mr. Mysterious & I meet for a movie & dinner event; the wine, the conversation and the good times were flowing… And I start getting a certain kind of feeling (the tingly one).

I really wanted to kiss this man… He is hugging me, playfully slapping my butt, we are laughing, he keeps saying how he loves spending time with me – so I’m like damn, I should do it and momentarily kill my proclamation of just ‘hanging out’.

I’m feeling good and I know he is digging me …. So I go for it!

And this cat gives me the most stiff kiss of my life (I mean his lips just locked up) and I’m like Hmmmmm *straight perplexed, Odie the dog confused – hell I almost say “Cmon Son”*

So I say “What’s up? What’s going on, are you cool”?

And he replies, ‘I’m married’… So I’m like WTF, are you for real?


I looked at him with the dumbest look ever, like negro have you not been on the same dates and conversation I’ve been on because I’m blown right now.

I proceed to say ‘why didn’t you mention that’ (because there was no ring present) and he says ‘you never asked and I thought you were cool’.

I rolled my eyes and said ‘let’s go.’

Fellas, if you are in a relationship, just be in that ‘relationship’ – don’t step out, make new friends, meet cool people and damn sure don’t fake date –  LOL. And that goes for women too! Single people have decided to be single because we are not ready for a commitment (generally) or the right person to commit to hasn’t come along – we are not here to pass the ti

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