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Wait, there was football on last night? After a long, long wait, the Super Bowl finally made its way to New Jersey (and its activities to New York City) only to host a lackluster game that kept nobody on the edge of their seats. But even after the Seahawks proved that keeping their chakras aligned […]

Kanye West is an unstoppable machine! The Yeezus rapper performed for a sold out crowd at MSG last night, and of course he did another one of his infamous rants. Revealing tons of new information, and a lot of his suppressed emotions, Kanye addressed the crowd over his anger towards the fashion industry…singling out Hedi Slimane. […]

If the fashion industry was high school, Saint Laurent’s Hedi Slimane would be Regina George, and he is not playing when it comes to protecting his throne. First, the designer had an infamous open letter brawl with New York Times’ Cathy Horn, followed up by an attempt at banning Kanye from attending any other shows if he […]

Hedi Slimane will probably be sticking around for a little while. Although he was greeted with some really terrible reviews for his first collection after taking over as creative director for Saint Laurent, Hedi is having the last laugh. PHOTOS: Is The Saint Laurent Paris Spring Collection Feeling A Little Dior, Homie? In an interview […]

Hedi Slimane may always stick to his aesthetic, but he never ceases to surprise us. The Saint Laurent Paris Creative Director merged the worlds of music and fashion once again and used alt artist Beck as the main male model for the Spring 2013 season. PHOTOS: Awkward! Turns Out The Saint Laurent Guy…Is Actually A Girl […]

Androgyny may just be the new big thing in the world of modeling. We recently told you about Casey Legler, Ford’s female model who only models menswear. Today we have yet another female model doing the same! Saskia de Brauw is the latest making headlines as a woman modeling men’s clothes, but not just any men’s […]

It’s been a long time in the making, but we finally have a lookbook for the Spring 2013 menswear line by Hedi Slimane for Saint Laurent Paris. You heard of the issues with the name change and you may have seen the pictures from their ad campaign, or even the womenswear runway show, but they […]

Hedi Slimane’s first collection with the brand formally known as Yves Saint Laurent has finally released its full ad campaign! Taken by Hedi himself, the campaign is made up of black and white images featuring items from the latest collection that also happens to be Heidi’s first, not only as the designer, but also as […]

Saint Laurent Paris, formally known as Yves Saint Laurent, may not have gotten the best reviews after the name change, however the clothing always speaks for itself. We still have not seen a physical collection in stores just yet, but the Fall/Winter spread is slowly being released and with any collection comes an ad campaign! […]


Greetings Global Grinders, the adventures have begun again… Sorry fellas, you may not like this one but men can be on some bullshit.  Is it ego, self-gratification, low self-esteem or just dumb but why do men try to cheat or do some questionable shit and think it’s cool or that women won’t notice? Ok, so […]


Ya girl Rihanna comes off hard in this new video for ‘Rockstar 101’ off her latest album Rated R. After the vibrant Rude Boy video, RiRi turns off the color and illuminates in black and white.  As hip-hop goes rock, Rihanna leads the way in this video, complete with spiked jackets, spiked hair pieces and […]


Just call him Professor Jones. Check out rapper Jim Jones as he teaches his Music Business 101 course to twenty five high school students. The mentoring program is scheduled to last several weeks long. Jones told MTV ‘I’ll be teaching..once a week for eight weeks. Hopefully, the kids will come on out and get up […]