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Who knew Maria Shriver had it in her? Then again, she does come from a family of politicians and we all know they play dirtier than Andrew Bynum and the Lakers when they are about to get swept.

Earlier GlobalGrind reported that Maria Shriver had her people leak the love child story to the press and I just want to applaud her for being a woman so heartless.

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Now don’t get me wrong, Arnold had this coming, he deserved to be outed and own up to the mess that his cheating ways created, but the way Maria did this was boss!

It should serve as a lesson to all the girlfriends, wives, mistresses and jumpoffs to anyone famous, that if you plan your public outburst properly you can walk away from this whole thing looking like a queen.

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Take Kat Stacks for example. What if she didn’t out her escapades with numerous rappers via videos and Twitter? Would she be tweeting from jail, right now? What if Esther Baxter didn’t send a picture of her dead fetus to a gossip website, but instead had documents leaks, photos leak and stayed out of the public attention while the media hounded on an alleged woman beater? What would you think of her?

What if Montana Fishburne never did porn for attention, but instead secretly drew attention to the life of a celebrity’s kid? Imagine a world of people who actually put thought into the fuckery that is done online? Instead of giving it away for free with all of these tweets of passion that only make all parties end up looking bad. Would the world be a better place?

Who knows, but one thing is for sure, if you’re smart you would look at Maria Shriver’s new blueprint for how to handle a scandal. Don’t chase your husband out of the house with his golf clubs and make him crash into a tree on Thanksgiving. Don’t secretly record cocaine on the counter tops while your lover is asleep. Instead put some thought into your next move and watch what happens.