Miley Cyrus and her new beau Patrick Schwarzenegger just took their romance to the next level. The two love birds, who were spotted showing some serious PDA at a USC football game earlier this month, have finally gotten the green light from Patrick’s mother Maria Shriver. While rumors have been circulating that the former first lady of […]

We haven’t heard much from the Schwarzenegger clan since the thread came undone on the household secrets last year, but the Bodybuilder’s son with Maria Shriver, 18-year-old Patrick, created quite a buzz yesterday when he shared photos of himself following a ski accident. STORY: Are Arnold & Maria Calling Off The Divorce? The former Governor’s […]

Lady Gaga has done a great job of getting to the top, but it turns out that she even had to battle bulimia to get there. The Born This Way singer recently revealed that she struggled from the eating disorder while in high school. PHOTOS: HOUSE REAL BIG: Lady Gaga’s $1.7 Milli Amish Style House […]

Ever since finding out that her husband Arnold Schwarzenegger fathered a secret 13-year-old son with their house keeper, Maria Shriver has taken the appropriate steps to dissolve their marriage. Maria immediately filed for a divorce from the former actor and governor back in July. PHOTOS: Maria Shriver Is Back In The Game, Baby! Who Should She […]

News for cool people, all the stuff you need to know in a 140 characters or less. Leggo! James Franco tells Playboy he wasn’t at fault that he was underwhelming while hosting the Oscars and that he didn’t want the job. (TheWrap) [pagebreak] DJ Khaled debunks rumors of a Jeezy–Rick Ross beef and tells MTV […]


Maria Shriver is officially back on the market, fellas! Newly single and probably not quite yet ready to mingle, Maria has reportedly hired a private investigator to find out if Ahh-nold has any other love children running around. She’s clearly done with the Terminator, but is Maria ready to jump into the single scene? We […]

Who knew Maria Shriver had it in her? Then again, she does come from a family of politicians and we all know they play dirtier than Andrew Bynum and the Lakers when they are about to get swept. Earlier GlobalGrind reported that Maria Shriver had her people leak the love child story to the press […]

Maria Shriver was so upset when she found out about Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s love child that she wanted to hold a press conference and tell the world herself. Her camp quickly stepped in, squashed that idea and devised a plan to leak the story to the L.A. Times and TMZ. EXCLUSIVE: Inside The Mind Of Arnold […]

Sure to go down as one of the biggest stories of 2011, former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s sex scandal is making worldwide headlines. STORY: Mildred Baena: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Alleged Mistress REVEALED And Uncensored  It was revealed Schwarzenegger had a secret “love child” with a maid who worked for him. Mildred Baena is the alleged other woman […]

Maria Shriver made a surprise appearance on the ‘Surprise Oprah! Farewell Spectacular’ Tuesday night at Chicago’s United Center. It was her first appearance since learning of husband Arnold Schwarzenegger’s affair and love child with former houskeeper Mildred Baena. STORY: Arnold’s Baby Mama and His Downlow Seed! reported that Shriver may have first learned of […]

They say if you like it then you should have put a ring on it. Well it looks like Maria Shriver gave back her ring. It’s being reported that Arnold Schwarzenegger and his wife Maria Shriver are calling it quits after 25 years and no … she won’t be back. The two were last seen together […]

Less than 24 hours ago, former governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and his wife Maria Shriver announced their split. In spite of that, rumors have already been spurred from the images of Arnold necking and hugging a mystery blonde, pictured above, which were released today. The two were spotted on the streets of California looking cozy.  Arnold and […]