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Sure to go down as one of the biggest stories of 2011, former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s sex scandal is making worldwide headlines.

STORY: Mildred Baena: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Alleged Mistress REVEALED And Uncensored 

It was revealed Schwarzenegger had a secret “love child” with a maid who worked for him. Mildred Baena is the alleged other woman that Schwarzenegger fathered a teen son with.

For Maria Shriver however, she joins the list of prominent women who have been betrayed by their husbands. From Hillary Clinton to Sandra Bullock, these are the women who have been scorned by their husband’s immoral behavior.  

STORY: Maria Shriver: Bold And Beautiful On Oprah’s Farewell Spectacular 

We stand with the women that have been deceived by their cheating husbands, take a look.


Bubba And His Sexual Relations:

Then First Lady Hillary Clinton faced a mountain of humiliation when President Clinton was caught having an affair with intern Monica Lewinsky.


Sandy And The Biker:

Academy Award-winning actress Sandra Bullock was betrayed by her husband Jesse James when it was uncovered he was having an affair with tattooed model Michelle McGee.


The Golfer And The Model:

Elin Nordegren was maried to Tiger Woods, the most famous golfer in the world. Her world crumbled when it was discovered the millionaire golfer had sex with over 20 women during the course of their marriage.   


The Politician:

Elizabeth Edwards stood by her husband, Presidential candidate John Edwards, even after it was discovered he fathered a child with former actress and film producer Rielle Hunter.


The Actor And the Model:

Elizabeth Hurley’s boyfriend actor Hugh Grant, was busted by L.A. Vice police on Sunset Boulevard for misdemeanour lewd conduct in a public place with a Hollywood prostitute.


The Actress And the Singer:

Oscar winner Halle Berry was shocked to find that her husband at the time, R&B singer Eric Benet had been cheating on her. Benet later admitted to having a sex addiction.