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Young P-Star is back with something new and she’s here to prove why she was awarded “The Legendary Hip-Hop Pioneers for the Future of Hip-Hop” award.

The teen sensation is breaking down doors and making history with her unique music. She sings and raps, both in Engish and Japanese!

The fusion of the two languages in her music is what sets the Harlem-born star apart, as she makes an even bigger name for herself and it’s all under her own creative direction.

GlobalGrind got a chance to talk with P-Star about her vision and career thus far. Check out the exclusive interview and P-Star’s “Sukoshidake Kataomoi” music video below.

GlobalGrind: P-star, how are you? We see that you recently shot two music videos for Japan. Can you describe both videos and what they mean?

P-Star: The meaning behind the first video “SUKOSHIDAKE KATAOMOI” is about her going on a date with her boyfriend who seemed to change. He’s less sweet, and pays less attention and is very careless. So throughout the video she observes and sees how he is acting and just won’t budge and show her that he loves her. The second video “Don’t Stop the Dance” is mainly about two people who’ve met for the first time and this couple has this chemistry on the dance floor. They dance the night away and they feel as though they’re the only two there. But they’ve come to realize that the chemistry only lasts on the dance floor and nothing else more.

How does it feel doing two videos that you oversaw and pretty much directed?

Doing these two videos is a big accomplishment due to the fact that both videos were based off of my vision. It feels great to know that these visions can turn into something bigger than you originally thought.

After the break catch the rest of GG’s exclusive interview and get a glimpse of P Star’s video “Don’t Stop the Dance”!


Talk about the process of shooting both videos. Was it hard?

The process for these videos were actually not that hard at all. I put a crew together and I tried hard not to involve too many people and just use what I needed to get the job done. In fact, I had a wonderful time because I also surrounded my self with very well prepared people and without that team, I still probably would have been shooting these videos.

Why did you decide to premiere both on YouTube?

I put them up on YouTube just to see what kind of response I would get. Would people love it? Hate it? And overall I just wanted to show the world what else I can do. It’s pretty cool to rap and sing in Japanese.

So are we expecting more music from you? Album in the works?

Yes, indeed! I want to make things right. So expanding my ideas to see what else in capable of, I always like a challenge. So this new album, I know would be great!

Did you get a response from Japan from the videos?

I know for sure that the records are taking off over there, so far they like it. As for the video, we are still waiting for that response … but i’m pretty sure they’ll love it!

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