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Fashion and beauty addicts are starting to eye a new trend. Custom-made gold-plated contact lenses which feature 18 diamonds are new from Shekhar Eye Research. MSNBC reported,

Creator Chandrashekhar Chawan tried his hand at gold-dust contact lenses, but they lacked the “sparkle effect” he was looking for. He found his inspiration, oddly, through cosmetic dentistry: Chawan’s wife had diamonds planted on her teeth at her last dentist visit, and he realized that people loved jewels anywhere and everywhere.

“I got mixed responses — some said its looks scary, but most of the people loved it,” said Chawan in a interview. “Bollywood personalities loved the concept, that it’s going to be ‘in thing’ in fashion soon.

“Look at Lady Gaga and her followers,” Chawan added. “People take time to digest [new fashion], until some celebrity starts using it.”

Chawan claims its “only matter of time” before his creation is a hit, but the public may disagree.  Internet critics called the product everything from cringeworthy to “freaky ugly” to downright demonic-looking. “It’s as if someone saw the Swarovski crystal contacts and thought those weren’t extravagantly dumb enough” wrote tech site Gizmodo.