Model wannabes beware, quick tongued Kelly Cutrone is set to step up to André Leon Talley’s throne on the America’s Next Top Model judging panel.

Talley has seen his fare share of weave-whipping model drama while serving as a judge on the show, but the Vogue editor at-large is calling the All-Star season his last.

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A.L.T’s arrival to America’s Next Top Model judging panel marked the show’s prominent shift to high fashion, bringing in big-name designers and fashion photographers and offering each cycle’s winner a spread in Italian Vogue.

In the current all-star cycle, the theme has shifted from high fashion to branding celebrity, and many are speculating this to be the reason behind A.L.T’s departure, although he remains true to the notion that “all is good in the neighborhood,” as he told NYMag.

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We hope Kelly is getting ready for her new gig by revamping her black wardrobe to the cape and hat standard that A.L.T brought to the panel, she has a fashionable pair of shoes to fill!

Check out André Leon Talley on his last season of America’s Next Top Model. Episodes air Wednesdays at 9/8c on The CW!

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