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A few weeks ago, nude pictures of Scarlett Johansson leaked onto the internet, sparking an FBI investigation.

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Now, The “He’s Just Not That Into You” actress is speaking out about the breach of privacy that made her question her celebrity status. 

In an interview with CNN Scarlett said:

“Who doesn’t want to protect their own privacy? Just because you’re an actor or make films or whatever doesn’t mean you’re not entitled to your own personal privacy.”

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Scarlett continued:

“If that is sieged in some way, it feels unjust. It feels wrong. I think there are certain instances where you give a lot of yourself and finally you have to kind of put your foot down and say, ‘Oh wait, I’m taking it back.”

Wise words from Scarlett Johansson, but it’s a fine line when other actors, actresses and personalities live their lives in the open for the whole world to see. 

How do you think we can find a balance between celebs who want privacy and celebs who want attention?