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Jackass star Bam Margera and rock singer Porcelain Black were spotted out taking a stroll through West Hollywood, looking very much the happy couple!

Between Bam’s grungy style and Porcelain’s punk look, they certainly would make anyone do a double take. It’s exciting to see Porcelain Black making her mark so quickly, since her music career has been blowing up from a feature on Lil Wayne’s tour this past year.

NEW MUSIC: Porcelain Black Is “Naughty Naughty”

Porcelain recently did an interview with Michigan Live, talking about her link up with Mr. Carter:

RedOne had a manager named E.I., and I said I would like to meet him. RedOne was like ‘you gotta meet him,’ so I met him, and he was like ‘let’s do this.’ He introduced me to Wayne. Wayne was like ‘I definitely want to be on that song [“This is What Rock N Roll Looks Like“]. Then him doing the song, then the video, and then him asking me on tour.

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It’s great to see both Bam and Porcelain happy, especially after the tragic death of Bam’s best friend Ryan Dunn back in June. We wish all the best for the new couple!

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