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So country music artists don’t necessarily have the highest ranks at the cool kid table, but there are a few cool ass country folk. 

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After last night’s Country Music Awards, GlobalGrind started thinking about the coolest artists in country music. 

With Taylor Swift doing collaborations with rappers every other night, and Tim McGraw teaming up with Nelly and T-Pain, country music artists are starting to ditch their guitars for a little bit of pop and a few baselines.

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Lady Antebellum scored countless Grammys off their hit song “Need You Now,” which is equivalent to Drake’s “Marvin’s Room.” Drunk dialing, a strong need for love and bad judgment seem to be the theme of Lady Antebellum and Drake’s hit songs. 

If you’re wondering who the cute girls in the headline picture above are their name is The JaneDear Girls. This country duo knows how to rock out on the guitar, mellow down on a harmonica and most importantly, these ladies know how to look cool. 

Check out GlobalGrind’s top 10 picks of the coolest cats and chicks in country in the gallery above!