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The long awaited season premiere is finally here! With all of the promos circulating for the newest season of Kourtney and Kim Take New York, it’s obvious we’re dying to see the premiere episode!

Kim Kardashian and her big sis Kourtney will be back on our televisions (as if they ever left) tonight, as the latest season of their E! reality show will finally air.

Everyone hopes to have all of their questions answered about that 72 day marriage that fell apart just last month as well as check out what really went on behind the scenes. From the hottest style trends to fun family times, Kourtney and Kim give us a peek into their lives and reveal their most private moments, especially this season.

These lovely ladies are making the Big Apple their playground and aren’t stopping for anyone! Check out our list of things we hope to see this season!

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1. The Obvious: Kim and Kris. What exactly went on behind the scenes? Are the rumors of Kris belittling Kim true? We can only wait and see.


2. Kourtney, although usually monotoned, has the best sarcasm we’ve ever seen. Can’t wait to see what snarky remarks she’ll make to Kris. Her style isn’t too bad either.


3. With Scott as one of the four stars of the show, we love watching his antics. Yes, he makes some of the rudest comments, but in those get-ups he wears, it always seems so classy!


4. As Kris Jenner likes to refer to them, “The next generation.” Will Kendall and Kylie be making any appearances From modeling to throwing massive sweet 16 parties, they might be balling more than their big sisters.


5. Mason!

The cutest of the Kardashian clan, we’d tune in just to watch him nap for 30 minutes. Just look at that cutie!

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