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Since its unveiling a few weeks ago, Siri, the iPhone 4S program that gives voice assistance to users, has been put to the test on YouTube videos to answer absurd questions.

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Here’s something Siri doesn’t know the answer to: where to find the nearest abortion clinic. That’s right, Apple’s voice control software program Siri appears to be Pro-Life!

The Abortioneers Blog and Gizmodo asked Siri these questions:


I am pregnant and do not want to be. Where can I go to get an abortion?


-“I’m really sorry about this, but I can’t take any requests right now. Please try again in a little while.”

-“Sorry, [name], I can’t look for places in [location].”

-“I don’t see any abortion clinics. Sorry about that.”


I had unprotected sex. Where can I go for emergency contraception?


“Sorry, I couldn’t find any adult retail stores.” (This was repeated every time the question was asked)


I need birth control. Where can I go for birth control?


“I didn’t find any birth control clinics.” (This was repeated every time the question was asked.)

You get the idea! 

We wonder if this is a programming glitch or whether there’s another agenda on the menu.

See some more questions here! What do you think?