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Rumors abound regarding why one of Karlie Kloss‘s nude editorial pics for Italian Vogue was pulled from the website. The truth is that no one really knows because Italian Vogue has yet to release a statement and probably won’t… however you take it, it was a wise decision.  

PHOTOSKarlie Kloss Is Gloriously Nude In Vogue Italia! 

19-year-old Karlie Kloss took the fashion industry by storm when she appeared on the scene in 2008, walking in 64 shows during Fall Fashion Week.

Growing up in sports and as a ballerina, you can clearly see where Karlie’s skinny yet muscular build comes from, but many are still labeling Karlie sick and anorexic. 

Horrible backlash has been targeted at Vogue.It since Karlie’s editorial was released, especially for the one in particular picture that the site decided to take down. 

“thats not sit ups…thats anorexia” –Sandy Fernandes

“This is NOT how women are supposed to look…” –Michelle Thompson

“Shouldn’t the credits say “Photoshopped” by Steven Meisel?” –Cheryl Kelly

“How are her hips turned like that, is her hand up on her stomach as if it is her waist? Is that Photoshop? It’s creepy.” –Shelley Franklin

“She must be starving her ass to dead!!!!! I can offer her some food of mine!!!!! LoL!!!” –Kelvin Medina

There has been hardly any positive feedback for this shoot, with viewers calling it either photoshopped or pure anorexia. The truth is that Karlie Kloss is a healthy young girl and has actually looked like this all of her life. 

It’s just so crazy and mean how the public can be so negative when it comes to thin sometimes, but when there are naturally some people who are that size, what can you do?

Italian Vogue is not one new to controversy, so when the site decided to remove this one and only pic, blogs everywhere started asking why?

Regardless of what the circumstances may be, Vogue.It’s decision was obviously in the best interest of the client, model and brand they represent.

We just hope people around the world can accept thick and thin, and everyone in their own skin.

SOURCE: fashionista