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Grammy Award winning producer Bangladesh not only sells beats for a living, but he also sells swag. 

Bangladesh has been pretty busy swagging out Justin Bieber, but he’s also been helping Rihanna become a little more cocky. 

Bangladesh and his artist Candice Pillay cooked up Rihanna’s swagged out banger “Cockiness” on her new album Talk That Talk

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He also addresses the rumors that he produced Rihanna’s other Talk That Talk banger “Birthday Cake,” and how he seems to get swagger jacked from time to time. 

GlobalGrind caught up with the busy producer to chit-chat with him about amping up Rihanna’s cockiness, starting his own record label and his new artist Candice Pillay. 

Check out the exclusive interview below! Make sure you keep it locked, part three of Bangladesh’s interview is coming soon!

GlobalGrind: You’ve founded your own record label? 

Bangladesh: Yeah.

How many artists do you have?

I have one and two possibles.

What do you look for in an artist? 

Swag and creativity. It’s really the swag, because swag is the most important thing. It’s how you carry yourself and how hard you work. On top of that, how you deal with pressure, how you deal with different things, because this game will eat you up.

Can you tell us about the artist you have on the label right now?

Yeah Candice Pillay, she’s my first female artist. She’s a hip-hop, R&B, pop artist…kinda in the Rihanna lane. As a matter of the fact, she wrote “Cockiness” for Rihanna.

Did you also produce “Birthday Cake?”

Nope. You see how the swag gets jacked? 

So you produced “Cockiness” and then Candice wrote it?

Yeah the “Birthday Cake,” people think I did it. When I heard it, it sounded familiar…

“Cockiness” is definitely a real swaggy song. It’s perfect for Rihanna. How did you hook up with Rihanna? 

Through Boo, who is Akon’s brother. He works in the industry and works close by her. I have a relationship with him, so he just played it for her. 

How do you go about producing beats? What’s the process? 

There really ain’t a process, it’s just whatever really. I could be anywhere and hear something and remember it and it triggers a whole beat. It could be an idea that comes to my head like “Diva.” It comes up, I lay it down and I just make a beat. I could take a capella and make a beat around a capella. There’s all types of different ways to do it.