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Anthology is a new project by multidisciplinary and New York-based artist Clifford Owens.

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It features performance scores — written or graphical instructions for actions — that Owens solicited from a multigenerational group of African-American artists including Derrick Adams, Terry Adkins, Sanford Biggers, Aisha Cousins, Sherman Fleming, Coco Fusco, Charles Gaines, Malik Gaines, Rico Gatson, Rashawn Griffin, Lyle Ashton Harris, to list a few.

Twenty-six major artists have contributed scores, nearly all of whom composed new works specifically for Owens and his project, which marks the first exhibition of the artist’s work at a museum, in this case P.S.1 in Queens.

Owens, during Summer 2011, had a residency at the school turned museum and performed actions throughout the building, from the basement to the attic. His next performance is December 17th.

Owens posted this note about his performance on his Facebook Page:

On December 17th I will perform a new score and three new versions of existing works from my exhibition “Clifford Owens: Anthology.” The new score was contributed by Lyle Ashton Harris (and it’s fascinating) and the others include Dave McKenzie, Senga Nengudi, and Nsenga Knight. Visit MoMA PS1 online for more details. I’ll be performing several scores throughout the museum once a month over the course of the exhibition. Yes, I’m tirelessly committed to this project. The book is in the works and it is going to be super fantastic!

We can’t wait to see Owens in action!

Visit PS1 For Details.