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Will and Jada may have let their kids come between their love.

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The married couple were rocked by rumors of divorce earlier this year, with reports saying Jada Pinkett slept with her costar at the time, Marc Anthony.

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It turns out all that was false and the couple really had issues over the future careers of Willow and Jaden.

According to TMZ:

They are doing “wonderful” now — but earlier this year, sources tell TMZ there was tension between the two over how best to manage the careers of Jaden and Willow.

We’re told each had their own ideas for how things should be handled — with Will pushing more for full-blown stardom and Jada leaning towards easing them in to things.

Glad things are back to normal now!

It seems like the future of the Smith kids are brighter than the sun. The family that shines together, stays together.