Yesterday we reported that Jazz Andersondaughter of Basketball Wives Tami Roman, got herself tatted up at only 15-years old!

The tattoo says “Faith Over Fear” on her ankle. She even said she plans to get more in the future.

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We reached out to the aspiring rapper to see why she got the tattoo and the upcoming plans for her music as well.

She responded:

Hey, I’ve been great and the music career is a work in progress, which will be shown a bit on the new season of Basketball Wives (2/20).

So far there hasn’t been any backlash on me getting a tattoo. I’ve been asking my mom for a tattoo for months and since I’m almost 16, being the cool mother she is, she allowed me to. My mother would rather me have her consent and her oversee the process, than for me to sneak and get a tattoo without her presence.

Many people who have seen my artwork, “Faith over fear”, say it is inspirational and powerful quote. My family and I have been through numerous trials and tribulations, but instead of me giving up or making unwise decisions, based off of my emotions, I looked to God for answers and advice.

Now my life is filled with happiness, when just about a year ago, I thought my family and I would never make it out of the slump we were in, which is what I express in my music on occasions.

Overall, by my tattoo “Faith Over Fear”, I want people to know that through God, anything is possible. 

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The words are obviously a sentimental piece of art for Jazz. We’re glad she’s focusing on the road to success.

But do you think she should have waited to get the tattoo?

Check out Jazz Anderson’s music on her YouTube page.

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