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Whitney Houston made three visits to the doctor a week before she died and now, we’ve found out what she was being treated for. 

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While many people thought Whitney might be doctor shopping for medication, it turns out she was just preparing to advance her career. 

Family members revealed that Whitney was being treated for a sore throat and she got her teeth cleaned. 

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Whitney was recording the title track to her upcoming movie Sparkle and got a sore throat. The doctor prescribed her some Amoxicillin.

She was also preparing to shoot a commercial for Marion P Candles Inspired By Whitney Houston, which is a line of beautifully scented candles from her sister in law’s candle line. 

TMZ confirms:

Whitney was NOT doctor shopping for prescriptions and they believe none of the doctors crossed the line in their treatment of her.

As we first reported, Beverly Hills cops retrieved 6 medication bottles in Whitney’s room, including Xanax and Amoxicillin. She also had Midol and Ibuprofen.

Despite all the rumors, Whitney’s death might all be just a sad accident. Rest in peace Whitney.