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We know Adele is hot right now, but we never imagined DMX wanting to collaborate with her. 

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DMX revealed to XXL magazine that he wants to do a song with the UK multi-platinum Grammy winning singer.

Adele wasn’t the only shocking songstress DMX wants to collaborate with. He also revealed he wants to work with legendary singer Sade, simply because he “loves her.” 

XXL Reports

If X had it his way, he’ll be collaborating with a few more famous lady crooners soon, and at the top of his list are two very unlikely choices.

“Sade and Adele,” X recently told When asked why, the Dog gave off-the-cuff responses. “I love chubby girls,” he said in reference to the ultra-talented Adele, who won six Grammys, including Album of the Year, in February. As for Sade: “I love her,” he simply said.

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When he first came home from his stint in jail, DMX expressed an interest in good friend Swizz Beatz’s wife Alicia Keys, stating that he wanted to do a song with her as well. 

Despite X having a hard exterior, he definitely appreciates the softer side of music. 

Does it surprise you that DMX wants to work with Adele and Sade? 

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