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It’s no secret that there has been a lot of underlying tension brewing between Chris Brown’s current girlfriend Karrueche Tran and his ex-girl/superstar Rihanna

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It’s totally normal for the new girlfriend not to like the ex-girlfriend and vice versa, but ever since Chris Brown and Rihanna have made it very public that they are indeed friends, the subliminal shade from Rihanna and Karrueche has gotten stronger than ever.

Earlier this morning, we reported Rihanna throwing a little shade at Karrueche with an old Lil Kim lyric. 

Rihanna threw a little subliminal diss at Karrueche, who is an aspiring model, by tweeting: 


A few hours later, Karrueche tweeted: 

Ever since Rihanna and Chris stunned the world with not one, but two remixes, it’s been very apparent that Rihanna wants that old thang back, and Chris Brown still has love for the Bajan beauty. 

GlobalGrind went back and found all the suspect tweets Rihanna and Karrueche have tweeted over the past few months. 

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The tension was first kicked off when the new year bells rang, and a video surfaced of Karrueche, appearing to mock Rihanna’s Caribbean accent. 

Karrueche wasn’t too happy that people were accusing her of dissing RiRi, so she tweeted:

A few days later, Karrueche tweeted:


Could that be a subliminal diss to the very single Rihanna, who’s admitted to wanting a boyfriend?

After being spotted in the ever-popular Los Angeles night club Greystone Manor together with Chris, once with Karrueche, and once without. 

Rihanna tweeted: 

The same day, Karrueche hops on her Twitter and tweets a Lil Wayne lyric that goes, “Don’t you ever fix your lips/unless you bout to suck my d*ck, bitch.”

After Rihanna and Chris stunned the world with “Birthday Cake (remix)” and “Turn Up The Music (remix),” there was a lot of talk about about Rihanna and Chris getting back together. 

Karrueche addressed everyone who was waiting for her to clear the air about Rihanna and Chris’ new “friendship,” but she tweeted: 

On Rihanna’s “Birthday Cake (remix)” she sings, “Remember how you did it?, Remember how you fit it?, If you still wanna kiss it, Come, come, come and get it, Sweeter than a rice cake, cake worth sipping.”

It’s clear that the term “rice cake” is a diss towards Karrueche, who is half Vietnamese. RiRi kept on with the joke over the weekend, when she dressed up a bag of rice cakes and tweeted:

Along with this picture:

When a fan asked Rihanna about her rice cakes she tweeted back, “Kinda DRY tho.”

There’s definitely tension there, but we don’t ever think either RiRi or Kae will ever directly tweet each other. What do you think? 

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