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The beautiful Solange Knowles shot the cover for TimeOut New York magazine in some radiant and colorful looks for the magazine’s latest spring issue.

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The new Ford model has been getting a lot of buzz in the fashion world, due to her dashing style and overall crazy swag. In the interview with Time Out, Solange says she’s humbled by the fashion industry’s open arms, but she’s more interested in doing personal style rather than high fashion.

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Solange also spoke about her recent move from L.A. to Brooklyn and the mistaken advice she gave big sis Beyonce about shopping online.

Take a look below:

You’ve been getting quite a bit of attention from the fashion industry. What’s your take on that?

I’m humbled and excited about it, but I’m not trying to be a huge designer or a big model. I’ve been clear I just want to express myself. I’m really appreciative for the love and respect [from the fashion community], but I just want to do the fun shit. I’m a lot more interested in style than fashion—style is what makes us who we are.

You recently made the move from L.A. to Brooklyn. How are you adjusting?

I love it. My entire family lives here, and [since] my niece [Blue Ivy] was born, I love being close to her.

What are some of your favorite things to do in the city?

I definitely have that sort of Brooklyn vibe of “oh, crossing the bridge is sooo far,” so we stay pretty local in terms of our restaurants, movie theaters and bowling alleys. But really, I love eating out. Some of my favorite new spots in the neighborhood are Buttermilk Channel andFrankies [457 Spuntino]. I’ve definitely packed on the pounds since moving here.

What’s your favorite place to shop online?

I love Net-a-Porter (, but it’s a gift and a curse. Living in New York has made [the site] that much more dangerous because I have my settings set to New York Premier, which means [purchases] come the same day. It is such an addictive drug, to be able to wake up in the morning, order a pair of shoes, and they are at your door four hours later. I made the biggest mistake of introducing that to my sister, and she’s just been out of control…out of control. It’s just out of control.

We can only imagine what a shopping experience is like with these two! Click here to read the full TimeOut interview and check out the gallery above!

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