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The highly anticipated and critically acclaimed Hunger Games is slated for release in theaters tomorrow, Friday March 23rd. The film is based on the book by Suzanne Collins about a post- apocalyptic nation treating the have-nots as tributes for warring games. Get ready for another Hollywood sensation! 

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So we’re here to formerly introduce the ladies that rocked as the female cast of The Hunger Games. We’re offering up some fun facts and quirky did-you-knows! The rundown:

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Jennifer Lawrence

Lawrence (who plays the character Katniss Everdeen) is a Louisville-bred, Kentucky-native who has a knack for cheerleading, field hockey, softball and modeling, none of which she has a passion for. Her acting auditions commenced back in spring of 2004; she has never taken any acting classes and simply relies on her intuition to act out a role! The Winter’s Bone lead star has two brothers and she’s a Leo. This natural blonde bombshell was discovered by an agent shooting an H&M ad … Isn’t this how it always happens?!

Elizabeth Banks

Banks (who plays the character of Effie Trinket) is a total book nerd! She runs a book club series and she’s presently on book No. 2 titled The Memory of Running. This Massachusetts-native is a mother, actress and supporter of the American Heart Association. An enthusiast of higher education, her alma mater is the University of Pennsylvania, the institution that is currently breeding a bunch of nerd doctors trying to kick cancer’s butt! Extreme sports make Banks queasy and still feel “titillated.” She’s a bit clumsy, by the way…

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Amandla Stenberg

Stenberg (who plays the character of Rue) named after the Zulu word for “power,” inspired by Miles Davis’ 1989 album, Amandla. From being a Disney catalog model since at the age of four, to being invited by the MLK Memorial Foundation to participate in the 2011 ceremony, Stenberg is a force to be reckoned with. She plays the violin, drums and guitar and was involved with the Rock STAR Music Education program. The burgeoning actress shot her first feature, Colombiana, an action film starring Zoe Saldana whose character, Cataleya Restrepo, Amandla plays as a child. Rock on girlie!

Leven Rambin

Rambin (who plays the character of Glimmer) just wrapped production on Of Men and Mavericks, with Academy Award winning director Curtis Hanson. She is totally over the moon about hiking, boxing and staying active. She’s also a fashion aficionado and has written several editorials on New York Fashion Week for Paper Magazine and Page Six Magazine. While Rambin is involved with Surf for Life, an organization that creates educational and cultural development projects in coastal communities around the world, she holds a fervent passion for autism research and awareness … philanthropy is uber hot!