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By now you’ve already heard that Beastie Boys’ Adam “MCA” Yauch passed away.

The Brooklyn native was known for many things, his rhyme skills being one of them. But Adam’s style was also widely imitated and although it ended up changing throughout the years, key elements of his personal fashion have persisted and evolved. 

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When the Beastie Boys got into the hip-hop game circa 1985, the style was very different. The in-thing was tracksuits and gold chains, but the guys came onto the scene with a bit more of a punk rock edge. MCA was well known for his leather jackets and well-coiffed hair, slim jeans and high top sneakers.

As he got older, his style transitioned into button down shirts, but the sleeves were still rolled up and he would still wear a graphic tee or even a tank under it.

Aside from the costumes the group was known for wearing, MCA would wear hoodies and looser jeans. He would dress a lot more comfortably when out and about, but he still stayed true to his hip-hop background by mixing colors and utilizing the looser fit.

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In the latter part of his life, which was entirely too short, MCA would be caught wearing a suit and tie more than anything else, but it somehow still worked for him, never diminishing his hip-hop essence.  

You can take a look at a few pictures of Adam “MCA” Yauch and the Beasties’ style progression in the gallery above. Rest In Peace Adam, you will be forever loved and forever missed.