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Mother’s Day is the one day every year where more flowers are purchased than any other day throughout the year. Why? Because we all love our mama’s and want to show them just how much we love and appreciate them, even if it’s in the smallest way possible.

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There’s no way flowers, one day a year, do justice for all the hard work moms do every single day, but at least they know they’re appreciated.

The legendary Notorious BIG was raised a Jehovah Witness by his mother, Voletta Wallace, a religion that doesn’t celebrate any holidays, but as a kid growing up he wanted to celebrate his mom on Mother’s Day, but as Ms. Wallace says “every day is Mother’s Day to me.” Although Biggie died too soon, he made his life onstage, as well as his life offstage with his mom memorable. 

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GlobalGrind’s Sharon Carpenter was lucky enough to sit down with Biggie’s mom and get her insight, as a grieving mother, on this day. She told us of her most memorable Mother’s Day with her son, and as we all already knew, she proved he was a mama’s boy.

Check out our exclusive in the video above.

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