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It was just announced that Kim Kardashian will be joining Kanye West In London as he kicks off the Watch The Throne UK tour. Yeezy and Hov will play five nights at London’s O2 Arena, but everyone is really wondering: will Beyonce and Kim Kardashian actually kick it?!

DETAILS: Kim Kardashian Wants To Be Beyonce’s Friend!

Many people are suggesting that Beyonce and Jay-Z are out of Kim’s league. While that might very well be true, all the shade being thrown at Kim claiming that Beyonce is above meeting or being seen with her is rather idiotic. Beyonce could actually stand to learn something from Kim if the duo were to become friends. 

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I know what you’re thinking, Beyonce is a megastar, super successful and she has talent, what can she possibly learn from someone like Kim K?

Well, off the top of my head I think there are 5 things in particular that Beyonce can learn and I’ll share them below: 

1. Beyonce can follow Kim K’s social media model as the foundation for her new website, Beyonce.com. Kim is the queen of social media, Beyonce hardly tweets. Sure Beyonce doesn’t NEED Twitter, but being on the social media site surely would help. Beyonce is just getting into the business of being social and a few tips from Kim could benefit the Bey Hive. 

2. Kim could teach Beyonce a few parenting tips. Sure Kim doesn’t have kids of her own, but her nephew, Mason, grew up in the spotlight just like Blue Ivy will grow up under the watchful eye of the paparazzi. She can surely give Beyonce some advice on that!

3. How to capitalize off of everything. Kim makes money off everything she does. If Kim wears something, it’s on her website available for purchase within the week. If Kim mentions a product, Kris Jenner is getting 10 percent of something and the list doesn’t stop. Sure Beyonce is loaded, but just imagine how much money Beyonce would have if she did it like Kim. Blue Ivy’s daughter’s daughter would already be rich. 

4. Kim could teach Beyonce what it’s like to not drink alcohol. Kim leads a sober life, and while Beyonce never gets sloppy drunk, she does partake in an adult beverage or two. If she ever wanted to give it up, she could ask Kim what it’s like to ditch the sauce. 

5. That one is up to you. Let us know what you think Beyonce can learn from Kim. Speak your mind or forever hold your peace!

Besides, even if Beyonce and Kim do stand next to each other and Bey shakes Kim’s hand, it doesn’t mean they will be best friends. It just means they met. Right? 

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