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Criticize Chris Brown on Twitter and you may find yourself in a heated battle with his 9 million Twitter followers.

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Sports Illustrated model and girlfriend of R&B singer John Legend, Chrissy Teigen, made an almost fatal mistake of expressing her distaste for Chris Brown on Twitter, and she instantly received death threats from #TeamBreezy.

Chrissy, who made it known she’s not a fan of Chris when he teamed up with his ex-girlfriend Rihanna on the “Birthday Cake (Remix),” tweeted about Chris Brown’s lip syncing at the Billboard Music Awards.

“Why sing when you can dance?”

#TeamBreezy got wind of Chrissy’s shade throwing and they verbally attacked her on Twitter. The insane tweets ranged from questioning her intelligence to even hoping she gets murdered!

  • “all you do is talk s**t, you need to be raped and murdered.”
  • “killyoself bitch ur nothing but tall thats why you model. your nothing.”
  • “ditzy dumb ass tramp your mother should’ve aborted you.”
  • “i hope you are the next ‘celebrity’ to die”
  • “you have the brain capacity of a turtle, just die.”

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After being attacked on Twitter for hours, Chrissy tweeted: 

“Reallllly makes me sad that 99% of the most disturbing comments come from young girls. I’ll end it there but it make me sad.”

And ladies, just because you’re on Twitter doesn’t mean you won’t or can’t get in trouble for your cyber death threats. Chrissy made it very clear that everyone who wished she would “die” may be getting a phone call from the Twitter police or even the real police. 

“I have some screen caps. And I will do everything I can to make sure people know, internet or not, you CAN’T say this shit.”

Most of the Twitter accounts responsible for the death threats against Chrissy have been deleted since. 

C’mon #TeamBreezy! Is it really that serious? And what do you think Chris would say about your murderous tweets?