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Rihanna has to have that “good-good” because her old boo Chris Brown, and her used to be new, but are now old boos Drake and Meek Mill, are beefing over Rihanna on Twitter.

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The Twitter beef started when Meek Mill, who was rumored to have a romance with Rihanna (but denied it), tweeted:

We’re guessing over the weekend Chris Brown got wind that Meek Mill has in fact romanced Rihanna and decided to remove Meek Mill from his new song “Don’t Judge Me.” 

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Schooling Chris Brown on the “bro-code” (bros before hoes), he tweeted: 

After a few subliminal tweets were exchanged, Drake decided to chime in and take sides with Meek Mill with a sort of shady tweet toward Rihanna. 

He then channels his inner West Indian, with a Jamaican Patois-inspired tweet:

Chris tweets back about all the drama, citing that it could be a crazy drama-filled movie. 

So what does Rihanna have to say about the brewing war for her love and affection? Well, Rihanna made it very clear that she chooses who she wants to date or sleep with.

And of course, she added her witty bad gal remarks by warning “cupid” to stay away from her hoes! Got to love RiRi. She catches no feelings!

What do you all think about the war of words between Chris Brown, Drake and Meek Mill?

Should Chris Brown have taken Meek Mill off his record because of Rihanna? 

Let us know in the comment section below!

Shout out to MissInfo for catching all the drama, while most of us were loafing on the beach yesterday! 

SOURCE: MissInfo