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Yesterday at Summer Jam I dove into the belly of the beast.

Allow me to back up for a second. If you’ve never been to a New York Summer Jam before, there is one thing you should know: the clothes the women wear are absolutely amazing.

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Some of the outfits are sexier than sexy and other outfits should never even be worn. I saw many ladies with no panties and others whose body parts had more hang time than a Kevin Durant dunk! Some of them had tattoos in places that would make Jenna Jameson blush, and their clothing was nowhere to be found – like Nicki Minaj after Peter Rosenberg left the stage.

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So yesterday, as I posed with some sexy ladies for your viewing pleasure, with duck lips in my pictures, there were so many women who are ratchet and proud.

So for now, I give you the “best dressed” people at the 2012 Summer Jam.

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