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Nails have become more than just something to polish; they’re now considered fashion accessories. We paint our digits these days to match the latest trends, outfits and moods.

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A trendy craze in the manicure world, besides having creative nail art or gel nails, is Minx Nails. Created by Dawn Lynch-Goodwin and Janice Jordan in 2007, Minx was established through a desire to want to create a nail protection coating; and it turned into a new form of nail fashion.

Beyonce, Rihanna and Lady Gaga have all rocked Minx before, and now for the first time, you do not have to travel to a Minx Salon to get a metallic manicure. Minx has collaborated with ULTA to release DIY Minx nail wraps featuring eight different patterns. Called Minx #1, the DIY kit is sold exclusively at ULTA Stores nationwide. However, the fun doesn’t stop there.

Minx has now added a Customizer to their website, allowing you to create your own design. You can upload a picture, apply it how you would like to each nail, and then have it shipped to a local Minx salon so they can be professionally applied.

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So if you ever dreamed of having your very own customized Minx, now you can! Check out the gallery above to see some other Minx designs that you can purchase on their website.