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Damn, Kim Kardashian just can’t catch a break!

While Kimmy was out coppin’ whips and takin’ trips to see her man Kanye West on the celebration of his 35th birthday, someone somewhere thought it would be cool to vandalize the South Beach location of the store, DASH, that she co-runs with her sisters Khloe and Kourtney. 

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The unknown vandal graffiti bombed Kim Kardashian’s store front with the words “Yeezy Taught Me” and an upside down signature Nike swoop.

The “Yeezy Taught Me” line is derived from a Chris Rock skit on Kanye West’s song “Blame Game” from his post-Amber Rose album “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.”

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The placement on Kim’s window may have something to do with the much-anticipated release of Kanye’s Air Yeezys that are set to hit stores this weekend. 

And honestly, Yeezy must be teaching Kim something about whip appeal because she copped him a $750,000 Lambo, Mercy! 

Check out the photo of the vandalism above.

PHOTO SOURCE: Richard Mirabal

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