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Eve has been through a lot of things during her career. 

She is one of the most well respected female rappers as well as one of the most sucessful. For a short documentary called Home Coming, Eve teamed up with Reebok Classics and Complex Magazine to give us a bit of insight into what she is working on now as well as what she has done.

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The documentary takes us through the beginning stages of her career all the way to what her life consists of now.  The video features interviews from some integral people in Eve’s life including her Mother, Complex’s music editor Rob Kenner and even Swizz Beatz. Home Coming follows Eve through her hometown of West Philadelphia as she reminisces on what her life has become. 

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Eve openly admits that even with all her accomplishments, she rarely gets the time to reflect on the goals that she has achieved, so a video like this is not only good for the fans, but for her as well.

Take a look at Eve’s Home Coming video, presented by Complex and Reebok Classics in the player above. Enjoy.

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