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Yesterday, we all found out the sad news that Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise were splitting after Katie filed for divorce.

Details are still emerging as to what led the 33-year-old actress to file for divorce, and it looks like one of the reasons was Mr. “Mission Impossible” was just too controlling.

DETAILS: SAY IT AIN’T SO! Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes Getting A Divorce 

According to RadarOnline, a source revealed that the Dawson’s Creek actress noticed a shift in the relationship after they got married:

“Tom has always made all the decisions in their relationship and called all the shots and initially Katie found it charming — don’t forget, she was pretty young when they met and compared to Tom she was hardly worldly,”

It doesn’t end there! The source says:

“Tom hated her being called Katie, and wanted her to insist on being called Kate, which she hated. He vetted all her movie roles, made all the decisions about where and when they would vacation, how Suri would be raised, when she spoke to her parents, where they went for dinner, everything!”

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Katie must have kept most of this to herself since Tom Cruise claimed to be “blindsided” by Katie filing for divorce.

He even said 2 weeks ago how lucky he was to have her while promoting his new movie Rock of Ages!

He told a crowd at a promotional event:

“My wife who couldn’t be here tonight, I have to thank,” the Rock of Ages star, 49, told the crowd. “She made this suit for me. She’s amazing. I’m very lucky to be married to her.”

Looks like these two were clearly not on the same page.

Hopefully this divorce can stay clean and quick for the sake of Suri!

Does Tom Cruise look like the controlling type?


Seems like the plot is just getting thicker as more details about the divorce emerge. According to reports by TMZ, Katie’s decision to file for divorce in New York was a strategic plan that can seriously screw Tom when it comes to taxes. 

According to TMZ:

Katie filed divorce docs in NYC, in large part because she wants sole legal custody of Suri and New York courts are way more likely to grant Katie sole legal custody and control over child-rearing decisions than California courts.

But here’s the problem … sources connected with the couple tell us … Tom has been trying to do everything legally within his power to avoid strong ties to New York City because the tax rates are ridiculously high … and he does not want any appearance that he or Katie have been living there.

But here’s the thing … TMZ has obtained documents which show Tom deeded their NYC apartment to Katie last August and our sources say it was done specifically for tax purposes.  Point of fact … the deed lists a transfer to a trust, but TMZ has confirmed it’s a trust established for the benefit of Katie. 

Sources say Katie is using the apartment to establish residency in New York for the purpose of the divorce — something we’re told can screw Tom tax-wise.

Looks like NY’s laws may have Tom all tied up!

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