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Today is Tom Cruise‘s 50th birthday, but unfortunately, all sights are not set on the movie star’s celebrations.

In light of Katie Holmes‘ recent filing for divorce, one thing is in Tom’s favor: an iron-clad prenup the mega couple signed when they got married.

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The prenup could end up saving Tom around $15-20 million dollars, which is what many experts speculated Katie would ask for in a divorce. 

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TMZ reports:

“She’s not about the money. She’s not that girl. She loves to work.”

We’re told there’s one thing Katie is insistent on — she wants child support from Tom, and that could turn into a big ticket item.

As for whether Katie will challenge the prenup … it’s pretty common when a divorcing couple is in conflict, and our Katie sources are not ruling that out. But they insist, “Money is not that important to her. She makes plenty on her own.”

When you’re talking about the type of money these two make, it is all the same, isn’t it?  

Regardless, this should put an end to rumors that the marriage was a sham; if it was fake, wouldn’t Katie walk away with a nice purse full of Tom’s riches? We’re just saying.

The whole thing is sad, because Katie was actually with Tom while he was shooting in the gym, on the set, plus the duo have a lovely little girl named Suri to worry about!