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Hip-hop fans never dreamed there’d come a day that Nas and ghostwriters would be in the same sentence, but today, they are. 

EXCLUSIVE BLOG: Nas Says “F*ck Pop; Should We?” 

Rappers I Know released a bomb-dropping blog, detailing a phone call they had with Roc Nation rapper Jay Electronica in 2007, who revealed that he was ghostwriting on Nas’ controversial Untitled album, also known as the Nigger album. 

Many hip-hop fans thought it was complete B.S., until journalist and hip-hop fanatic Dream Hampton confirmed on her Twitter that Jay Electronica and of dead prez were both ghostwriters on Nas’ Untitled

NEW VIDEO: Nas “Daughters” 

As of last night, neither Nas nor Jay Electronica have acknowledged the ghostwriting allegations, but GlobalGrind knows one thing, Nas having a ghostwriter on Untitled is like finding out you were adopted and your whole life’s been a lie. 

Read the whole account of Rappers I Know‘s discovery that Jay Electronica was ghostwriting on Untitled, here.

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