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One of the more surprising nuggets of information to come out this year is the fact that pop superstar Lady Gaga is a huge Kendrick Lamar fan. About a month ago, she professed her love for the L.A.-based rapper on Twitter.

PHOTOS: Lady Gaga Kicks It With Kendrick Lamar At Pitchfork Festival 

Then, at the Pitchfork festival in Chicago, the two forces actually kicked it backstage. 

Now we can expect a record!

DETAILS: Lady Gaga Professes Her Love For This Rapper…

Moments ago, Lady Gaga announced that she has a song with the lyrically gifted rapper, which will appear on his upcoming album. The song will be dropping on September 6th:

We’re not sure what “PARTYNAUSEOUS” means, but we know it’s going to be interesting and we can’t wait to hear it! 

What do you think a Gaga and Kendrick song would sound like?