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The red bottom controversy came full circle when border patrol intercepted a whole lotta fake red bottoms from being imported into the United States. 

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Shoe designer Christian Louboutin is known for his signature red soles that mark the brand of his Italian-made shoes, a trend that has been in and out of courts and counterfeited a million times over, but this may be the biggest bust of all. 

According to reports by Customs and Border Protection, the shoes were shipped in large cargo boxes from China, which is what set off a red flag to border patrol. The estimated domestic value of the shipment was more than $57,000, meaning it cost just less than $3 to make each pair of shoes. 

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According to Yahoo News officials, there were enough of those red soles to add up to a suggested retail value of $18 million.

The CBP said it will destroy the more than 20,000 pairs of high-fashion shoes, likely by burning them.

We see some red flames in the future! This will ensure that other brands are wary of counterfeiting the red bottoms.  

SOURCE: Yahoo News