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Celebrities and the press that features them are known to have a love-hate relationship.

But when The Source magazine originally voted Eminem’s 2000 Marshall Mathers LP two mics (then eventually four), instead of a full five mics (Em strongly believed his project was worthy of all five), conflicting opinions over the rating got extremely heated.

Incendiary commentary and diss tracks from both Eminem and the co-owner of The Source magazine, Benzino, lit fires all over the hip-hop community. Radio stations, rival hip-hop magazines and members from both camps only added fuel to the raging flame.

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The conflict between the two rappers eventually simmered down and moved out of the hip-hop focus. 

However, Benzino, who is now back in the spotlight thanks to his numerous features on VH1’s Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta, is speaking up about his past history with the Detroit rapper.

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“I made mistakes,” a reflective Benzino tells our Music Editor Brittany Lewis. “If I could do it over again, I definitely would…. I should have been more responsible.”

Press play up top to hear what else Benzino had to say about he and Em’s nearly year-long conflict.