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Iggy Azalea has been on the fashion rounds lately, showing off her signature look that always seems to include a bright pout and the exaggeration of her bleach blonde hair. 

Flavor magazine is celebrating both September and October with their new issue, so it’s only right to have one Iggy cover for each month. 

VIDEO: Iggy Azalea Gets Candid With Kimberly Cole During A Pants-Droppin’ Photo Shoot

The first of the dual covers features Iggy wearing her usual blonde locks in a high ponytail. Sporting the red lipstick she’s become known for, Iggy dons a black jumpsuit, jacket and piles the accessories sky-high. On the second cover, Flavor went for a more beauty concentrated look with Iggy, with her hair down and her “Long Live A$AP” finger tattoos showing. 

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Aside from her quick-witted lyrics, there is definitely something about Iggy that the fashion world is loving right now. 

Check out her cover images and behind the scenes video from the shoot below.